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  • 2017年高考的英语作文

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    电视在人们的日常生活中占有很重要的地位,电视传播不断深层次地影响着每一个人。请以“Television” 为题高中作文,写一篇有关其所带来的'积极影响的英语短文。






    Television presents a vivid world in front of us.1(主题句) Through TV, we can learn what is happening half way across the world. 2(扩展句)

    Television also plays an important educational role in our daily life.3(主题句) For one thing, the TV university provides an opportunity for people who can not go to formal university.4(扩展句) For another,children can broaden their scope of knowledge by watching such popular programs as “The Animal World” and “The Mickey Mouse and DuckDonald”.5(扩展句) Besides, women can learn about the latest fashion of dresses and the best recipe for making fruit cakes.6(扩展句) Furthermore, we can learn many world advanced technologies from TV programs.7(扩展句) And also we can learn singing, dancing and doing physical exercise in some special TV training courses,8(扩展句)In short,the effect of TV’s educational role is becoming more and more obvious.9(扩展句)

    Having viewed these aspects, and with many more TV programs produced, I believe that our life will become even more significant. 10(总结句)

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