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    New Year‘s Day is one of important days for many people in the word during the year.Most people spend the New Year‘sDay in hotels.January 1st is considered as the New Year‘s Day.most companies,shops,school,and government offices are closed during that time.People prepare for New Year‘s Dayfrom late December.Firt,people spend a few days to clean their houses completely.Some families then put up some new painting from November to be sent in January.The New Year‘s meal is also prepared from the end of December.During the New Year‘s Day,people usually do not cook and relax at home. On New Year‘s Eve,it is common to have a bag dinner with family members or friends at home or in hotels and hear bells which informs us of the coming New Year.On New Year‘s Day,people fiest greet each other. Some people wear new coats and visit temples to pray for happiness and health theoughout the New Year.Children are busy with getting the gifts from their parents and relatives.


    New year's Day is the first day of the year. "New Year's Day" this name is said, since one of the legendary Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns - zhuanxu. He took the first month of the lunar calendar as the yuan, and the first was the same. "Yuan" contains the first and the beginning, "Dan" is a red day from the ground began to rise. "Yuan" and "Dan" and together, is to have people to flourish to meet the new year. On this day, our country city and countryside, are decorated, with festive costumes, many units suspended "banner to celebrate New Year's Day" to celebrate the new year.


    New year's Day is the traditional new year of the people all over the world. Most countries in the world take January 1st every year as new year's day, because they have adopted the international calendar. However, there are also some countries and ethnic groups who are different in their calendar traditions, religious beliefs, customs and seasons, so their date of the new year's Day is different. This also makes the world colorful and national.


    The ancestor of the lunar calendar, the Egyptian calendar, took the day of the Sirius and the sun as a new year's day. In about fifty thousand BC, the ancient Egyptians from nomadic to farming, settled on the banks of the Nile, they found that from the long-term observation, the Nile flood time is the law, they put this time are recorded on a bamboo pole, from the two flood time is about 365 days apart at the same time; also found that when the tide came up the Nile today when it was near the city, when the sun and Sirius also rises from the horizon. So the ancient Egyptians set the day as the beginning of the year. This is the earliest origin of the new year's day.


    The vernal equinox as Afghan New Year's day; the Jewish equinox as new year's day; and the Eskimo boreal new year is not fixed, they put the first rain as new year's day. In 46 BC, emperor of Rome Julius Kaiser set Julian calendar, he started the winter solstice as the new year's day, but people insist on shuori as new year's day, new year's day therefore put until the 10 day after the winter solstice.

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